PATA Cables-An Overview

There are two types of power connectors used in connecting the computer drivers and processors, they are called SATA and PATA. Here we’ll discuss in brief about PATA cables.

PATA stands for Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment. It is an Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) level power connector which connects internal devices like, hard drives, motherboards etc. PATA was known as ATA previously; but after the creation of the improved power connectors called, SATA, ATA became PATA.

PATA cables are plane cables with a 40-pin connector on both sides. When the PATA cable is used as a power connector inside the computer, one end of it is placed in the socket of a motherboard and the other end is placed in hard drives or optical drives or in any other storage device.

Though PATA cable comes in both 40 and 80 wire designs, it is better to use the 80 wire PATA cable. That is because, the new and upgraded devices require certain configurations, which are not supported by the 40 wire PATA cables.

Let us know a bit more about these two types of PATA cables:

  1. 40 Wire PATA Cable

PATA Cables-An Overview

The 40 wire PATA cable was the first type of PATA cable that hit the market. It supports a speed of more than 30 Mbps in case of file and data sharing. This type of cable is only available in black color and contains three plugs which can be used to connect to the motherboard and storage devices. The 40 wire PATA cable is not up to the mark for its high electrical meddling. In fact, the practical usage of 40 wire PATA cables has become very less now.

  1. 80 Wire PATA Cable

The very first advantage of using 80 wire PATA over 40 wire PATA is the data sharing speed. This type of cable supports a speed of around 130 Mbps which is around 100 Mbps more than that of a 40 wire PATA cable. This type of cable is available in three colors as wellnamely, gray, black and blue. Also, the 80 wire cables are far less disposed toelectrical interference. So, it is better to use them over 40 wire PATA cables.

Drawbacks of PATA Cables

It is quite evident to the readers by now, that PATA cable has now become an old technology and that is because a new and improved cable known as SATA cable has been created. PATA cables have certain drawbacks, for which the creation of SATA cable was required. These drawbacks are,

  1. PATA cables are excessively big in size, and therefore inconvenient for the users to use. Also, bigger PATA cables take more time in cooling down the Computer.
  2. Another disadvantage is, PATA cables support the outdated versions of Windows, like Windows 95, Windows 98 etc. Also, PATA cables are quite expensive and most of us are unable to afford it.
  3. Finally, the electric prone nature of PATA cable is also a huge negative point.

Now that you know enough about PATA cable, you should know about SATA cable and how it is better than PATA cable. To know in details, visit now.